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Do you know as a social worker you can secure a job in the US?

There are a lot of job opportunities at hand for social workers in the US.

Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or a permanent resident, you can apply for the job of a social worker in the US.

However, there is a higher chance for those who have a social work license and a degree in social work or any field linked to it.

Hence in this blog, we will be giving you more info on social workers and how to apply for the job of a social worker

However, be sure to read the entire article to get every info you need.

Now, without delay let’s get started.

Who is a social worker?

A social worker is a skilled professional who works with all types of people, groups, and communities to help them live better lives.

They assist people with educational backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, cultural origins, religions, and disabilities.

Types of social workers

Child, family, and school
Children and their families who are having challenges with social or psychological issues in school, at home, or in their communities can seek the help of a specialized social worker.

These social workers are placed in children’s foster care and are expected to, monitor their welfare and assist adults with the process of adopting or becoming foster parents.

They are employed by schools, government entities, and foster care agencies.

Medical and public health

This social worker assists individuals by offering surviving mechanisms, counseling, and medical referrals to the patient and their families.

Hence, people dealing with health issues or chronic illnesses can work with a medical social worker to assist in handling their medical issues.

They also handle public resources, such as; Medicare and Medicaid, and coordinate their many health care services.

Medical social workers work for hospitals, government agencies, and health care providers.

Mental health and substance abuse
These social workers organize and support therapy, rehab programs, and counseling for addicts and patients with mental health challenges.

They also handle outreaches and preventative programs to locate individuals in need and provide care on time.

They may be employed by hospitals, residential treatment facilities, community organizations, and government agencies.

Now, They provide resources and aid the social justice environment of a particular neighborhood, town, or city.

They work with a large group of community members, instead of clients.

Also, They also organize and develop social programs to improve the quality of life in their area.

They are basically employed by local government agencies.

These social workers monitor the well-being of service members, identify post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health challenges and suggest a treatment plan for affected members.

They also help families manage their relative’s deployment or injuries from serving.

They are basically employed by the government for the U.S. Armed Forces.

On the other hand, they can still work in the private sector for health centers that usually serve the military.

Social work professional environment
They work at multiple locations, and they can have an office but they regularly work in the field, visiting clients’ homes, schools, or health care clinics.

In some cases, they may also meet with clients at their offices.

They are basically employed by schools, health clinics, or rehab centers.

They control their work from their office and within the employer’s facility, by monitoring their facility’s environment, scheduling meetings with individuals going through challenging times, and check-in in regularly with rehab patients to ensure progress.

List of social work jobs

Social workers can be employed by different public and private entities.

However, here are some of the most common social work positions:

Direct support professional
They help people with cerebral and developmental disabilities.

National average salary: $62,473 per year

They provide counseling and aid clients in endangered communities.

National average salary: $45,692 per year

Case manager
They organize the client’s care options, hasten treatment and ensure the care plan is improving the client’s mental, physical, and emotional health constantly.

National average salary: $38,788 per year

Program Coordinator
They manage administrative tasks, such as budgeting, organizing employees, and arranging special programs for the facility.

National average salary: $47,250 per year

School social worker
They focus on helping students, parents, and school faculty to locate issues that are disturbing the students’ learning.Average national salary: $59,903 per year
Social Worker Jobs USA
Social workers play a very delicate role and are in high demand in the U.S.

They are in charge of developing the well-being of individuals and families by communicating with them, listening to them, and offering relevant solutions to enhance their lives.

Also, they communicate with and research the less privileged community, such as people living in poverty, the unemployed, the abused, prison inmates, drug addicts, etc.

Hence, if you are a social worker there is a chance for you to work and improve your career in the U.S.

Federal Government Jobs for Social Workers
Foreigners who wish to improve their social worker careers can utilize the job vacancies offered by the United States government.

Hence as a social worker, you can work under the Department of Veteran Affairs in the U.S.

However, this job is only open to U.S Citizens.

Hence, foreigners might be considered if no citizen is found qualified.

Social Worker Jobs USA Requirements

Below are the basic requirements, you must meet up with to become a social worker, they are:

A Bachelor’s degree in social work or other related fields.
Hence, this degree must also be approved by Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Also, you must be licensed by a state authority to practice social work independently. You should have either the social worker License or the Liminal Social worker License.
Must have good speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.
However, when you apply for any position, the employer may request more documents from you.

This is a job application site owned by the United States Government.

It contains various job listings and it is created to connect federal employers with job seekers.

Hence, it is the official employment site and has made it easy for job seekers to search for federal employment chances and apply for them.

On the site, most government departments post their job vacancies to get qualified applicants through it.Hence, you can apply for as many job chances as you want on via this platform including the role of a social worker.
How to Apply for Social Workers Jobs near Me
Follow these steps below to apply for a social worker job online:
Using a browser, go to on your device.
Then search for, “Social workers” via the search field.
Enter your “City”, “State”, “ZIP code” or “Country” under location and click on the search button.
On the other hand, you can tap on any of the categories on the right-hand side of your screen to get a more filtered search.
Hence, if you want to apply for a Federal social worker job, click on any of the categories under “Federal Employees”.
Be sure to read through the job listings on the page, such as the duties, requirements, documents required, and other details.
Then, once you find a job that fits you click on “Apply Now” on the left-hand side of the page.
On the other hand, if you already have an account, log in to your account with your “Email address” and “Password”.
Hence, if you don’t have a USA Jobs account, click on “Create an account”.
Once you’ve accessed your account on the platform, fill in the job application form correctly and upload every document that will be required from you.
On the other hand, you can always log in to your account on the site to check your application status, add more job applications, save and share job opportunities, etc.

How to Apply for Social Work Jobs in the USA as a Foreigner

Follow these steps below to apply for a social worker job as a foreigner:

Connect your device to the internet.
Using a browser, search for “Social Work Jobs in the USA for Foreigners” in the search bar.
Then, click on “More Jobs” on the search result page to view the job listing.
Be sure to go through the Job listings on the page, such as; the job qualifications, the benefits, and other descriptions.
Then, once you find a job that fits you click on “Apply Now” on the left-hand side of the page and sign in with your Google account.
Be sure to follow the prompts on your screen to upload your resume and submit the application job If you are qualified for the job
Hence, if you are found qualified, you will be contacted by the employer for an interview.


Can I be a Social Worker in the USA?
Yes, you can work as a social worker in the United States.

Hence, if you must have a Bachelor’s degree in social work or any other related field.

Also, you must be a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

How Can I Get a Social Worker Job in the U.S as Foreigner?
Most federal jobs are open to only permanent residents except in rare cases.

Hence, you can get a social worker job in a non-profit organization or any other company which is not a federal agency.

However, your educational qualifications must meet U.S. education standards to get the job.

Hence, if you obtained your degree outside the United States, it will have to be reviewed by the International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service.

Then, if it’s approved, you can go now and apply for social work accreditation.

Are Social Workers in Demand in the United States?
Social workers play a vital role and are in high demand in the U.S.

They are needed to work with different groups of people such as; rehab centers, nonprofit organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Where are Social Workers needed in the United States?
Social workers are valued and highly paid in certain regions in the U.S.

Hence, the pay varies by region.

However, social workers are highly paid in these regions, they are; New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, Nevada, New York, Maryland, and Hawaii.

How much do Social Workers Earn in the USA?
Social workers in the United States earn about $50k to $70k yearly and varying by location.

However, healthcare social worker, mental health, and substance abuse social worker are paid the most.