What You Should Know About Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission

What is the infrastructure concession regulatory commission?

The infrastructure concession regulatory commission https://www.icrc.gov.ng/  is the government body responsible for regulating public infrastructure concessions.

The infrastructure concession regulatory commission was created by the government to regulate and monitor all service concessions that involve using public infrastructure.

It is a regulatory body, whose main function is to manage any agreement between the government and private companies in order to allow the latter access to national roads, railways and airports.

Yet it also has powers of arbitration and supervision in this relationship. For example, it can enforce a decision on one of its members if it deems that the other party doesn’t comply with the agreements.

infrastructure concession regulatory commission Nigeria

The ICRC is a regulatory body that is responsible for the regulation of infrastructure concessions in Nigeria. This commission has been established to ensure that Nigeria’s infrastructure development is done in an orderly and sustainable manner.

The infrastructure concession regulatory commission (ICRC) is responsible for the regulation of the concessions and privatizations of Nigeria’s infrastructure assets.

Date Of Inauguration

The ICRC was established by law on 17th November 2009 to regulate the privatization and concession of Nigeria’s infrastructure assets. It is a statutory body with powers to regulate, license, monitor and sanction all those who are involved in the privatization or concession process.